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Welcome to our website about Equine Sports Massage and McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy.  These therapies have been used successfully with Human Athletes and has now been recognised and developed for the Equine Athlete.  The definition of an athlete is to acquire strength, agility and stamina for physical exertion.  This applies to our horses been fittened up for a purpose wether it be Racing, Eventing, Showjumping, Showing  or Hunting.

Equine Massage and McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy can help your horse/pony  cope with the stesses and strains of training by helping to balance the Muscular and Skeletal systems so the animal is stronger in its body with less compensatory movement and a willingness to work and train  to reach optimum fitness  level  while reducing the risk of injury.  

Alternative therapies stimulates all the systems of the animals body by improving circulation around the body, helping to release muscle tension and aid toning of weak muscles, calming the nervous system, detoxing the body, improving digestion,  increase lymphatic drainage and more.....All these changes can help a horse or pony's overall physical and psychological wellness in a very natural non invasive and drug free way.

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