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What is Equine Sports Massage

Equine Sports Massage is a non-invasive deep tissue "hands on" manipulation of soft tissue to soften and stretch the muscle fibres of the whole body (not just the back), releasing tension, trigger points, spasms and reducing scar tissue.  The different massage techniques incorporating active and passive stretches increases blood flow to muscles increasing elimination of metabolic wastes from tired/aching muscles and joints.

Benefits of Equine Sports Massage

Improves range of movement
Improves circulation to aid cell repair
Improves Skin texture, elasticity and aids healing
of wounds
Improves lymph drainage helping detoxification
Improves their efficiency and stamina
Improves the bond between human and horse

Types of Massage

Maintenance - We would recommend a massage every 6 weeks depending on the amount of work, type of work and Racing/Competition.  A horse/pony may need massage therapy more regularly if they have had an injury, fall or Kissing Spines. 

Rehabilitation - Depending on the injury and the individual animal,  Massage is dealing with the issues attributed from the injury and also stimulating the body to heal itself as this speeds up their recovery rate.  

Pre - event - This massage is to invigorate the animal, stimulate blood flow to muscles and releases endorphins.  The stretches will improve proprioception and a pre-warm up can take 20 minutes and increases the horses efficiency by 20%

Post - event - This massage is to check for injuries, calm and relax the horse after exersion, alleviate any tension build-up, helps the removal of toxins, increases muscle repair and with active and passive stretches reduces stiffness and regains range of movement.

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