Signs-Equine Sports Massage & McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy

Signs of Discomfort

If the answer is "Yes" to two or more from the following list, your horse requires a  Massage and/or
Spinal Therapy session.

Short, choppy strides
Intermittent lameness
Refusing to jump
Refusing to trot
Bridle Lameness
Dis-united in Canter
4 beat Canter
Hanging/Drifting on one rein
Reluctant to strike off on correct lead
Dragging toes
Dipping back when grooming or mounting

Changes in behaviour
Bucking / Rearing /Napping
Kicking and Biting when tightening girths
Unwillingness to work
Off feed

When Riding the Horse/Pony

Warming up takes longer
Difficulty in flexion
One rein rides very differently to the other
Canter not engaged
Difficult to control - very strong
Animal sweats up too much for level of fitness


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