Therapy Session-Equine Sports Massage & McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy

Therapy Session

What to expect in a Therapy session
1.  We travel to the Clients yard or the Client can travel to us.

2. History of the horse/pony including medication and any injuries.

3.  Initial assessment of the horse/pony in the stable and movement in walk and trot.

4.  A full body "hands on" Sports massage identifying issues.

5.  Active and passive stretches are performed after massage to help with muscle memory, range of movement and proprioception.

6.  Give advice on a work programme post massage

7.  The horse/pony may require Spinal Therapy which includes full body check and re-alignment
of the bones and includes a series of stretches.

8.  Equine Massage and Spinal Therapy take about 1 hour.

The horse may need further sessions depending on the issues identified and the
animals recovery rate. 


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